AP, IB, and College Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Principles 

Teacher AP Microeconomics Worksheets

Support and bring your AP Microeconomics Curriculum to the next level with these Google Docs worksheets covering the entire Microeconomics Course Exam Description (CED). 

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  • 33 Worksheets covering all the essential skills and knowledge covered in the Microeconomics Course Exam Description.
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  • NEW for 2024!! 12 AP Style FRQs so students can practice writing FRQ responses before they have completed the entire course. There are 2 FRQs for each unit. 3 are long FRQs and 9 are short FRQs. 
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Below is a list of included worksheets

Unit 1: Basic Economics Concepts

Topic 1.1 Scarcity (Also in Macro)

Topic 1.2 Economic Systems

Topic 1.3 Production Possibilities Curve (Also in Macro)

Topic 1.4 Comparative Adv. and Trade (Also in Macro)

Topic 1.5 Cost-Benefit Analysis

Topic 1.6 Marginal Analysis


Unit 2: Supply and Demand

Topic 2.1 Demand (Also in Macro with substitution effect and income effect added)

Topic 2.2 Supply (Also in Macro)

Topic 2.3 Price Elasticity of Demand

Topic 2.4 & 2.5 Other Elasticities

Topic 2.6A & 2.7 Market Equilibrium (Also in Macro)

Topic 2.6B & 2.8 Surplus and DWL

Topic 2.8B Government Intervention

Topic 2.9 International Trade


Unit 3: Production Costs and Perfect Competition

Topic 3.1 Production Function

Topic 3.2 Short-Run Costs

Topic 3.3 Long-Run Costs

Topic 3.4 & 3.5 Profit

Topic 3.6 Firm Decisions

Topic 3.7A Short-run Perfect Competition

Topic 3.7B Long-run Perfect Competition


Unit 4: Imperfect Competition

Topic 4.1 Intro to Imperfect Competition

Topic 4.2 & 5.3 Monopoly & Price Discrimination

Topic 4.4 Oligopoly

Topic 4.5 Monopolistic Competition


Unit 5: Factor Markets

Topic 5.1 & 5.2 Factor Markets

Topic 5.3 Perfectly Competitive Factor

Topic 5.4 Monopsony


Unit 6: Market Failures

Topic 6.1 Social Efficiency

Topic 6.2 Externalities

Topic 6.3 Public Goods
Topic 6.4 Government Intervention
Topic 6.5 Inequality

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