AP, IB, and College Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Principles 

AP Macroeconomics FRQ Practice

Ready to practice for you next free response exam? ReviewEcon.com has you covered! Below are some of my favorite Free Response Questions from past AP Macroeconomics Exams. Click on the question, try it out, then watch the review video to walk you through it! If you have any questions, ask them in the video comments. And don’t forget to like and subscribe! 

I’ll be adding new videos as often as I can, so check back regularly!

2019 Set1#2Unit 5Phillips Curve, Fisher Formula, Natural Rate of UnemploymentVideo Question/Rubric
2019 Set 2#1Unit 5AS/AD, Long Run, Fiscal Policy, Loanable Funds, GrowthVideoQuestion/Rubric
2018#2Unit 5Loanable Funds, AS/AD, GrowthVideo Question/Rubric
2018#3Unit 2Comparative Advantage, Unemployment, Labor Force, PPC Video Question/Rubric
2016#2Unit 4Bank Balance Sheet, Money MultiplierVideoQuestion/Rubric
2012#3Unit 3AS/AD, Real Wages, Long-Run Video Question/Rubric