AP, IB, and College Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Principles 

AP Macroeconomics CED Alignment

AP Macroeconomics CED Alignment

Just prior to the summer of 2019, the college board came out with a new detailed course exam description (CED) for AP macroeconomics. Below you will find the alignment of ReviewEcon.com resources to assist teachers in aligning their lesson plans to the new CED.

1. Basic Economics Concepts

Macro Topic 1.1 Scarcity
 – “What is Economics?” content review

Macro Topic 1.2 Opportunity Cost and the Production Possibilities Curve
 – “What is Opportunity cost” content review
 – “Production Possibilities Curve” content review
 – Opportunity Cost Calculations game – click on “Opportunity Cost” start button
 – Productions Possibilities game
 – PPC Graph drawing practice

Macro Topic 1.3: Comparative Advantage and Gains from Trade
 – “Comparative Advantage Simplified” content review
 – Comparative Advantage game

Macro Topic 1.4/1.5 Demand and Supply
 – “4 keys to Supply and Demand” content review
 – Changes in Supply and Demand game
 – Determinants of Supply and Demand sorting game

Macro Topic 1.6 Market Equilibrium, Disequilibrium, and Changes in Equilibrium
 – “Market Equilibrium” content review
 – Shifting Markets game
 – Supply and Demand Graph drawing practice

Unit 1 Flashcards

Unit 1 Total Review Video

2. Economic Indicators and the Business Cycle

Macro Topic 2.1/2.2 The Circular Flow, GDP, and Limitations of GDP
 – “The Circular Flow Model Explained” content review
 – “6 Things to Know about Gross Domestic Product” content review
 – Circular Flow Review game
 – GDP Components Identification game

Macro Topic 2.3 Unemployment
 – “6 Questions about Unemployment” content review

Macro Topic 2.4/2.5/2.6 Price Indices and Inflation, Costs of Inflation, and Real v. Nominal GDP
 – “The CPI and the GDP Deflator Explained” content review
 – “4 Things to Know about the Fisher Formula” content review – also covers 4.2
 – Deflator and CPI Calculations game
 – Fisher Formula Calculations game – also covers 4.2

Macro Topic 2.7 Business Cycles
 – “Business Cycle and Macroeconomics Goals” content review
 – Business Cycle Labeling game

Unit 2 Flashcards

Unit 2 Total Review Video

3. National Income and Price Determination

Macro Topic 3.1/3.3/3.4/3.5/3.6/3.7 AD, SRAS, LRAS, Equilibrium in the AS/AD Model, Changes in the AD-AS Model in the Short Run, Long-Run Self Adjustment
 – “What to know about the AS/AD Model” content review
 – AD, SRAS, and LRAS Shifts game
 – AS/AD Model game
 – AS/AD Graph drawing practice

Macro Topic 3.2 Multipliers
 – “Marginal Propensities and Multipliers” content review
 – Propensities and Multipliers game

Macro Topic 3.8/3.9 Fiscal Policy and Stabilizers
 – “What is Fiscal Policy?” content review
 – Monetary and Fiscal Policy Sort game – click on “Fiscal Policy”

Unit 3 Flashcards

4. Financial Sector

Macro Topic 4.1 Financial Assets
 – “3 Things to Know About Financial Assets Before Test Day” content review

Macro Topic 4.2 Nominal v. Real Interest Rates
 – “4 Things to Know about the Fisher Formula” content review – also covers 2.5
 – Fisher Formula Calculations game – also covers 2.5

Macro Topic 4.3 Definition, Measure, and Functions of Money
 – “6 Keys to Understanding, What is Money?” content review – also covers 5.3

Macro Topic 4.4 Banking and the Expansion of the Money Supply
 – “What to Know about Bank Balance Sheets” content review
 – “8 Questions about Monetary Policy Answered” content review – also covers 4.6
 – Bank Balance Sheet game
 – Money Multiplier game

Macro Topic 4.5 The Money Market
 – “4 Keys to the Money Market Graph” content review
 – Money Market game
 – Money Market graph drawing practice

Macro Topic 4.6 Monetary Policy
 – “8 Questions about Monetary Policy Answered” content review
 – Monetary and Fiscal Policy Sort game – click on “Monetary Policy”

Macro Topic 4.7 The Loanable Funds Market
 – “What to Know About Loanable Funds by Test Day” content review – also covers 5.5
 – Loanable Funds Market game
 – Loanable Funds Graph drawing practice

Unit 4 Flashcards

5. Long Run Consequences of Stabilization Policies

Macro Topic 5.1 Fiscal and Monetary Policy Actions in the Short Run
 – “How does Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interact in the short run?” content review
 – Fiscal and Monetary policy Sorting game

Macro Topic 5.2 The Phillips Curve
 – “3 Keys to the Phillips Curve Model” content review
 – Phillips Curve game
 – Phillips Curve Graph drawing practice

Macro Topic 5.3 Money Growth and Inflation
 – “The Quantity Theory of Money” content review
 – Quantity Theory of Money Calculations game

Macro Topic 5.4 and 5.5 Government Deficits, the National Debt and Crowding Out
 – “Defict, Debt, and Crowding Out” content review

Macro Topic 5.6/5.7 Economics Growth and Public Policy & Economic Growth
 – What Does it Take For and Economy to Grow?” content review

Unit 5 Flashcards

6. Open Economy - International Trade and Finance

Macro Topic 6.1/6.6 Balance of Payments Accounts & Real Interest Rates and International Capital Flows
 – “7 Keys to the Balance of Payments” content review
 – Balance of Payments game

Macro Topic 6.2/6.3/6.4/6.5 Exchange Rates, The Foreign Exchange Market, Effect of Changes in Policies and Economic Conditions on the Foreign Exchange Market, and Changes in the Foreign Exchange Market and Net Exports
 – “How to Understand the Foreign Exchange Graph” content review
 – Foreign Exchange Market game
 – Foreign Exchange Graph drawing practice

Unit 6 Flashcards

General Overview of Entire Course