AP, IB, and College Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Principles 

Phillips Curve: The long and the short of it

     The Phillips Curve is one of those concepts that hasn’t been a large focus of the Advanced Placement Macroeconomics exams in the past. But this model shows up often enough that it is important for students to understand what it is, how to draw it, and how macro events impact the graph. Follow the link below and you will find an overview of its parts, curve shifters, and a Flash review game to test your understanding of this sometimes tricky graph. 

Aggregate Supply, Aggregate Demand and the illusive long-run equilibrium

     I would would venture to say the AS/AD model of the economy is the most common element  you will find on the AP Macroeconomics Exam. This is because the AS/AD graph encapsulates the entire economy in 3 curves and illustrates the 3 macroeconomics goals of full employmentprice stability, and growth.  Follow the AS/AD Model link below to get a thorough review of all things AS/AD. Then, don’t forget to test your knowledge with the Flash game found at the bottom of the page. 

Loanable Funds

     The loanable funds market is an economic model of how savings supplies and the demand for loans interact to find the equilibrium interest rate. If you understand supply and demand, it’s not too complicated, but there are a few differences. Here you will find an explanation of this market along with a flash review game to test your knowledge. Take a look and let me know what you think!

18 Microeconomics graphs you should practice a lot!

     The Microeconomics Advanced Placement Exam is extremely graph heavy. Nearly every question connects back to a graph and analysis of that graph. There are also a lot of graphs to know. I have gone through and made an overview of all the major graphs you are likely to see on the exam. The assumption here, as with all of the activities, tips, tricks, and review resources on this site is that you already know a good amount of AP Economics. But taking a look at these graphs before your next unit test or on exam day will serve to keep them fresh in your mind. Good luck and let me know what you think!

7 Macroeconomics Graphs you need to know by test day

     The Advanced Placement Macroeconomics exam doesn’t have quite as many graphs as the Microeconomics exam has, but the few there are always show up in the FRQ’s. Except for the business cycle graph, you will need to know how to draw and manipulate them. Make sure you get a good amount of practice drawing these. Make special note of how each curve and axis is labeled. Remember you must always label everything on those FRQ’s! 
     Follow the link below to get a quick review of all seven graphs.

Micro and Macro Formula Reference Sheets

     When I originally created this website a little more than a month ago, I hoped to make this the place students and teachers go for games and review activities to help them prepare and study for the AP exams. Since then, I have decided to make this site more broadly focused and dedicated to prepping students for the exams with reference sheets and study guides as well. As a result, I have posted two new pages with all of the math formulas a student should know going into the AP Exams. I hope they will help students focus a little more on what they should study when preparing for the May exam.